DYNAPULSE Moulding Machine

The Dynapulse moulding machine is based on the principle of dynamic impulse compression. The impulse head hits the moulding sand at high speed. The built-up kinetic energy creates a pulse wave in the sand, which ultimately leads to the sand compaction. For better mould hardness control over the entire pattern plate, the impulse head is equipped with cylindrical rods that can be individually controlled. As a result, models with extreme contours, narrow deep pockets or flat parts with a small distance to the flask edges can be moulded.
Mould flask area of ​​up to approx. 1.2 m2 possible

The main features of the Dynapulse moulding machine are:

  • Robust moulding machine designed for high cycle speeds
  • Uniform vertical compression even with the most complex model contours
  • Optimal use of the flask area through tight pattern plate layout
  • Uniform mould hardness even with moulding sands with high compressibility
  • Low mechanical stress on pattern plates, existing pattern plates can largely be taken over.

The Dynapuls moulding process offers the user advantages through:

  • Creation of shapes with uniform vertical compression regardless of the complexity of the pattern contours and with the highest degree of shape accuracy
  • Production of optimal shapes even when using pattern with extremely demanding contours, difficult areas, narrow deep pockets and flat parts with a small distance to the flask edge
  • Close pattern allocation of the pattern plates up to the edge areas and thus maximum utilization of the moulding flask
  • Low maintenance costs due to the omission of hydraulic pistons, sealing surfaces between the filling frame and the compression unit or vacuum device
  • Problem-free takeover of existing model facilities and omission with ventilation nozzles