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ASPA moulding machines

The ASPA moulding machine is based on the principle of the hydraulic compaction. The compaction head is equipped with individual controllable compaction rods. Depending on the pattern profile the surface compression profile can be adjusted and therefore the regular high strength over the complete mould surface can be realised. In consequence nearly all pattern plate layouts can be used.

The main features of the ASPA moulding machines are:

  • Compact moulding machine, simple in design
  • High performance machine in extremely space-saving design
  • Modular design, individually adaptable to customer requirements
  • Hydraulic compaction with individually selected compaction rods applying a very regular high strength
  • The foundation is not subjected by dynamic loads
  • Pattern plates and optionally also moulding flasks can be taken over
  • Available in 3 different sizes, largest dimension of moulding boxes 1.000 x 800 x 350/350 mm with max. 55 moulds/h