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History of BMD

1855 Johann Georg Sebold got a „concession for an operation of a workshop“ in Durlach. The wellspring of BMD was born.
1929 During the years the company was renamed into BMD (Badische Maschinenfabrik Durlach) and was sold to „Svenska Tändsticks Aktiebolaget“ (later ARENCO).
1981 Ludwig Attig and Manfred Hirsch, which were employees of BMD before, start-up the company „Steuerungstechnik Hirsch + Attig GmbH“ in Oberderdingen.
1985 due to the growing demand in the mechanical engineering field they start-up the company „SOMAKO Hirsch + Attig GmbH“ along with the control systems.
1986 BMD is sold to the Danish „A.P. Möller Group“ and integrate in the DISA A/S.
1990 due to the continuous growth the companys „Steuerungstechnik Hirsch + Attig GmbH“ and „SOMAKO Hirsch + Attig GmbH“ move in new buildings in Kürnbach.
2001 Ludwig Attig starts his well-deserved retirement. Heinz Kirschenbühler and Bernd Scheu are appointed as managing directors.
2007 „SOMAKO Hirsch + Attig GmbH“ takes over of DISA the moulding and sand preparation technology and integrated these in the company as business division.
2013 The business division moulding and sand preparation technology is transferred in the independent company „BMD Foundry Technology GmbH“.