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Air-Impulse moulding machines

The Air-Impulse moulding machine is based on the principal of air-impulse compaction. Compressed air is supplied via a very high velocity air valve onto the moulding sand. Thereby an impulse wave is generated in the sand, which accelerates the sand grains in direction to the pattern plate. By the sharp deceleration of the sand on pattern, the complete kinetic energy is transformed into compression energy. If it is required the air flow and in consequence the hardness distribution over the mould surface can be controlled by a vario frame.

The main features of Air-impulse moulding machine are:

  • In one step the compaction is carried out
  • Only compressed air is applied as compaction medium
  • During the compaction there are no moving machine parts in contact with sand, therefore no wear can take place
  • Even filigree patterns are moulded optimal and a good mould degassing is ensured, by the vertical hardness profile in the moulding box
  • Open feeders and vents can be inserted very easily
  • Big moulding boxes can be produced
  • Largest moulding box format 2.600 x 1.300 x 600/600 mm built lately