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Dynapulse moulding machine

The Dynapulse moulding machine is based on the principal of the dynamic impulse compaction. The impulse head hits the moulding sand with a high velocity. The build up kinetic energy generates an impulse in the moulding sand, which in result leads to the sand compaction. For better control of the sand strength over the whole pattern plate the compaction head is equipped with individual controllable compaction rods. In consequence patterns with extreme profiles, narrow depressions or flat parts designed with close proximity crate can be produced very easily.

The main features of the Dynapulse moulding machine are:

  • Solid moulding machine designed for high performance
  • Uniform vertical compaction even on the most complex pattern profiles
  • Optimum use of the whole flask surface by very close pattern positioning
  • Uniform mould hardness even with sands of high compactability
  • Minor mechanical stressing of pattern plates, existing pattern plates can be taken over mainly
  • Surface of the moulding box up to approx. 1.200 x 1.200 mm possible